Our Story

A team of self-motivated professionals and developers started in 2014 when we decided as individuals to deliver elegant and unique services in the web and mobile development industry. Our dream was to go global and not only local, we wanted to deliver services everywhere no matter where we are.

The dream came true after satisfying clients with the deliverables, we started to have more projects and that what motivated us to always deliver the best quality.

In 2016 Elegant Tech was born to provide full services in web and mobile development, handling all the client requirements and helping them to achieve their goals and to deliver high-end solutions .

A well experienced team is on board to meet the client expectations and briefs. A full dedicated team with high skills and core values is working hard each and everyday. We also believe that having different cultures inside the team is helping us to always have fresh and different ideas.

The team is based in Denmark, Egypt and Palestine.The journey started in the EU market and we built solid network and connections; from here a new dream was born to expand and move our HQ to Denmark because we believe that taking new challenges always leads to success .

We are trendsetters and not followers we are always standing out and not fitting in ; Elegant Tech in 7 words: Excellency in software development is our credo.